Kinnest is a holding company that puts people and potential at our forefront.
We specialize in creating thoughtful brands and experiences, which we believe,
can nurture wholesome communities, instill good values and transform the way people live.

Think Beyond Co., Ltd is a parent company to multi-concept food & beverage brands in Bangkok. Our focus has always been in creating innovative restaurant concepts with the aim to take people and food to new places. 

All our brands embody the same philosophy of providing products that are made with quality ingredients and utmost care.

theCOMMONS is a gathering ground for passionate, quality producers who take pride in what they do and do it with utmost care. It’s a community space for anyone who wants to spend quality time in the neighborhood.

theCOMMONS offers crafted food and beverages, handpicked indulgences as well as wholesome activities that enrich your daily lives. There are semi-outdoor areas and pocket gardens, allowing the community to relax while getting a little closer to nature.

Little Pea is a space for families in the community to connect through multi-sensory play, fun activities and enriching food. Grab a nourishing bite at the café, join a playgroup, enroll in a class or just pop in for an afternoon of fun. 

After all, it’s less about what you learn and more about creating moments that matter with the ones you love!